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Spring Brings Homeschool Magic

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Springtime–even the merest hint of it–brings a certain magic to our homeschool every year. Something about the sweet smell of the thawing soil, the new flash of green, and the bird song that carries into the evening brings swift and lively inspiration to our homeschool.

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Blossom and Root Kindergarten, Nature Study

Inspiring Wonder: Nature Study in Blossom and Root Kindergarten

The first time I heard of Charlotte Mason, I was in my early twenties. I’d never heard of her or her methods prior to studying early childhood education. Yet somehow, despite my (relatively unromantic) public school education, I discovered that I had managed to have a Charlotte Mason childhood.

Between my parents and my grandparents, I’d grown up in a world richly infused with nature, literature, and the arts. I spent every moment I could outdoors, rambling over fields on my bike, Continue Reading

A Day of Homeschool Kindergarten, From My Daughter's Point of View
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A Day of Homeschool Kindergarten, From My Daughter’s Point of View

As homeschooling parents, we often project our impression of our learning time together onto our children. But how often do we take a step back to see the day through their eyes? Speaking for myself, not often enough. I know my girls are happy, stimulated, and learning–I can see it in their faces and their muddy toes, and I hear it in their dinner-time banter. But what do they remember most Continue Reading