US History with Blossom and Root

Important: Please scroll down for important announcements regarding the required books (or spines) for this curriculum. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS!

Timeline for Future Volumes:

Vol. 1 of A River of Voices: The History of the United States is now available! (Covers First European Colonies to 1791)

Vol. 2 is anticipated to be released in spring 2021. (Dates are not firm and are subject to change.)

Vol. 3 is anticipated to be released in spring 2022. (Dates are not firm and are subject to change.)

Samples (Book Lists are Located in the Parent Guide Sample and are Organized by Pathway):

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Important Notes Regarding Links and Updates:

Important Information: Availability of Spines for this Curriculum

Many of the spines for this curriculum have become temporarily unavailable over July and August of this year. We post updates here on our website as we hear them from publishers so please check for those! Please read through the required spines for your chosen pathway in the parent guide sample (scroll down to find that), and assess their availability before purchasing this curriculum. Most of these do have audiobook, ebook, and PDF options available. We, unfortunately, have no control over when publishers will run reprints, and could not have predicted that these spines would become suddenly unavailable in print within a few weeks. We do not plan to substitute or swap out any spines at this point in time, but if we hear from a publisher that they do not intend to continue printing one of the titles, we will begin the process of finding new spines at that time. However, this is not a quick process, and will take time and review by our committee. In the meantime, we cannot offer any refunds on the purchase of this curriculum because spines are temporarily unavailable in print, so please be very certain of your decision prior to purchasing. We hope to see all of these titles back in stock soon. Thank you! 

Before Columbus: The Americas of 1491 is temporarily out of stock on print copies. There is both an audiobook version available and an MP3 file available. We are waiting for word back from the publisher and will post updates on this page once we hear back from them. Update 11/14/20: Physical copies have been available on and off on Amazon over the last several weeks, and it has also been listed on Scholastic for sale.

A Kid’s Guide to Native American History: More than 50 Activities is currently being reprinted. Please scroll down further for more information.

A Kid’s Guide to Latino History: More than 50 Activities is temporarily out of stock (for paper copies.) We have contacted the publisher and will post news as we hear it. There are ebook and PDF versions available from Chicago Review Press: https://www.chicagoreviewpress.com/kid-s-guide-to-latino-history–a-products-9781556527715.php?page_id=30.

Detailed Announcement Regarding A Kid’s Guide to Native American History by Yvonne Wakim Davis and Arlene Hirschfelder:

UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST BELOW: Birchbark Books has it listed in their store (10/6/20): https://birchbarkbooks.com/childrens-books/a-kids-guide-to-native-american-history .

There is an ebook version available on Amazon and from Chicago Review Press, and they do have a PDF copy for sale on their website, which is an excellent option to consider. PDFs are not the same as ebooks, and for many, they are easier to read. I think that’s been the solution for a lot of parents right now. Here is their website. https://www.chicagoreviewpress.com/kid-s-guide-to-native-american-history–a-products-9781556528026.php

I do not have a recommended replacement at this time—the other spines that we looked at when we wrote this curriculum were all problematic. If Chicago Review Press informs me, at any time, that they do not intend to continue reprinting, we will then “go back to the drawing board” to find an alternative spine. This will not be a quick change or fix–we spend months carefully screening each and every resource we include and run them by a committee of consultants that must also approve them before we include them. We will make an announcement if and when we decide to offer an alternative spine. In the meantime, the ebook and the PDF are both readily available. You might also check local used book stores and independent book stores too–they often have books in stock that other places don’t (and it’s always great to support them anyway!) Hopefully those copies will be back on the shelves soon! Please check back here for updates. Thank you!

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