diego rivera art project blossom and root kindergarten
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Inspired by Diego Rivera: An Art Activity from Blossom and Root Kindergarten

This activity is from Blossom and Root Kindergarten. Click here to download your free sample of this delight-filled, gentle, hands-on curriculum for ages 6 to 7. Our kindergarten program features picture studies and inspired art projects from Monet, Picasso, Diego Rivera, and Edward Hopper.

Part One: Picture Study

Rivera art project blossom and root kindergarten

Begin with a casual picture study of Diego Rivera’s Knife and Fruit in Front of Window. You can print out a copy of the picture from a Google search, check out a book on Rivera’s work from the library, or order a print online.

  1. Session One: Careful Observation. Show your child the painting. It is important not to tell your child the name of the painting at first. This is because we want them to approach their first viewing with a fresh mind, without any preconceptions. Let your child talk to you about the painting if they like, or silently observe it if that is their preference. After a few minutes, either put the painting away or display it in your home.
  2. Session Two: Recall and Narrate. Show your child the painting again. Give them a few minutes to look over it carefully. Then turn the painting over and ask them to tell you everything they can remember about it–the colors, shapes, figures, buildings, emotions, details, etc. Show them the painting again. You may share the name of the piece at this time.

Click here to learn about the many benefits of doing picture studies, and why we include picture study in our curriculum.

Part Two: Hands-On Exploration and Expression

Rivera art project Blossom and Root kindergarten

Activity: Paint a View From a Window With Foreground Included

What You’ll Need:

  • a sheet of watercolor paper
  • watercolor paints
  • paintbrush
  • a cup of water
  • a spray bottle with water in it
  • apron or work shirt to protect clothes
  • tarp or tablecloth to protect surface
  • a copy of Knife and Fruit in Front of Window by Diego Rivera for your child to look at before beginning

rivera art project blossom and root kindergarten

Instructions (Read Out Loud to Your Child)

In this week’s painting, we see a view out of a window. In front of the window are several items, showing us that we (the viewer) are standing inside, looking out. This tells a different story than a painting that only has the view out of the window.

Today you will paint a view out of a window in our house. You can set up a few things in front of the window, like Rivera did, to include in your painting.

rivera art project blossom and root kindergarten

Instructions (For Parent)

Help your child place a few items and set up their painting area to look out of the window. Allow your child to paint freely, taking as much or as little time as they want. Once their paint dries, write any notes and a title (if they like) on the back. Have your child “sign” their name, and record the date.

rivera art project blossom and root kindergarten

Blossom and Root Kindergarten includes weekly composer studies, picture studies, and inspired art projects. Click here to learn more about our kindergarten curriculum!

blossom and root kindergarten art

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