Fourth Grade

We are currently developing Blossom and Root Fourth Grade! Samples and scope / sequence will be released in late June / early July 2020, at which time the curriculum will go on pre-sale. Fourth grade will be released in August 2020.

Topics and Themes:

Language Arts

Fourth grade language arts has three themes. The first will focus on mythology from around the world, and how our storytelling continues to be inspired by it. It will explore many creative expressions of both ancient and modern mythology, from sculpture to literature to film and more! The second theme explores the hero’s journey, in literature and in film. The third theme is focused on stepping into our own voices and honoring our own unique gifts, even in the face of adversity. Fourth grade will focus less on reading instruction than previous years, and more on writing and other forms of personal expression.

Click here to download the book list for fourth grade language arts!


The theme for fourth grade science is “Wonders of the Physical World” and it will explore the physical properties of the world around us and within us. Part of the year will focus on physics and engineering, and part of the year will focus on human anatomy. This is going to be a really fun year, with a lot of hands-on opportunities to explore, experiment, and engage!

Click here to download the book list for fourth grade science! (This book list includes the spines only–a full supplemental book list is included with purchase.)

The book list below includes the spines for fourth grade science only. A complete supplemental book list is included with purchase.

Stay Tuned!

More information will be available in the coming months, including insight into our fourth grade art and nature study offerings!

Watch this page for updates, information, samples, book lists, pre-sale information, and other alerts in the coming months. You can also sign up for alerts using the form linked below!

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