Sixth Grade

Level 6 is currently being developed. Please scroll down to see the units currently available for purchase.

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Available now:

Novel Study: The First Rule of Punk

(released 7/11/23)

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Novel Study: One Crazy Summer

(released 9/8/23)

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Novel Study: A Kind of Spark

(released 10/22/23)

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Novel Study: The Graveyard Book

(released 12/05/23)

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A sample will be available soon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will more novel studies be available?

Level 6 novel studies are being released in order as they are completed, beginning in the summer of 2023. Please scroll up to see the novel studies that are currently available. While we do not have a firm ETA in place for these releases, we anticipate the release of a new novel study every 4 – 6 weeks.

What if I want to eventually purchase the full Level 6 Language Arts curriculum when it becomes available, but will be purchasing individual novel studies in the meantime?

  • Once the full Level 6 Language Arts curriculum (Creativity and Community) is released, you will have 30 days to email me at [email protected] and request a unique discount code.
  • This discount code will deduct the cost of any previous Level 6 novel studies you have purchased up to 72.00 USD outside of sale windows or 50.40 USD during seasonal sales from the price of the full Level 6 Language Arts curriculum.
  • The full Level 6 Language Arts curriculum will be listed at 72.00 USD (regular price.)
  • If you have spent more than 72.00 USD (if purchasing the full curriculum outside of sale window) or 50.40 USD (if purchasing during sale window) on Level 6 novel studies, you will be given store credit for the remaining balance. Refunds will not be available for the remaining balance.
  • So, for example, if you purchase 70.00 USD in Level 6 novel studies and contact me within 30 days after the release of the full Level 6 Language Arts curriculum, and you plan to use the code outside of a sale window, you will be provided with a discount code to take 70.00 USD off the price of the full LA curriculum. Or, if you plan to use the code during a sale window, your code will take 50.40 USD off the price of the full LA curriculum and you will be given 19.60 USD in store credit.
  • Your unique code will only be live for a limited time, and will either work during a sale window or outside of a sale window, depending on which option you specify in your emailed request.
  • Sale windows are 3/15 – 4/30, 8/1 – 9/15, and 11/15 – 12/31 every year.

Can I see the full book list for Level 6 LA?

Yes, click here to see the book list and more information!

When will you announce more about science (topic, timeline for release, etc.)?

Level 6 science is currently in development, and we do plan to continue developing science curricula for higher levels. However, due to the collaboration involved in creating upper level science, and due to the complexity of the material, our development timeline is longer than it has been for previous levels. Completed courses for Level 6 science will not be available by fall 2023. As much as we would like Level 6 science to be ready by then, the reality is that it likely will not happen, and we want to be sure that families have plenty of time to make decisions and plans for the upcoming school year. As we get further into the development process for Level 6 science, we will update this page with more information on format, topics, and release dates.

What about art?

We do plan to develop art for Level 6, and the format will be very similar to the format of art for Levels 4 and 5. However, we are focusing on language arts first and won’t begin developing art until it is released.

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