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Nature Study


Art Activities

Exploring Language & Poetry

All inspired by a beautiful children’s book selection!


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Seasonal issues include a variety of activities adaptable for ages 2 – 8+, and are centered around themes in nature. 

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Profiles in Science issues include a variety of activities adaptable for ages 6 – 12, and are centered around the contributions of an individual or group of individuals. 

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Please note: We are not an umbrella school, charter, etc. and we do not submit any records whatsoever to the state for anyone. We simply provide homeschool curricula that can be downloaded and used to teach your children in your home. Parents are responsible for knowing, understanding, and following all requirements for homeschoolers in their state, regarding declaration of intent, attendance records, testing, portfolios, etc. Blossom and Root does not provide these services and is not responsible for ensuring that these requirements are met for your family.

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This FREE issue, inspired by the book The Three Sunflowers by Janet Lucy, includes two weeks of activities including nature study, STEAM, art project, recipe, and exploring language and poetry. Suitable for ages 3 - 8. Grab yours today!

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