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January 2020

10 tips for nature based homeschooling in the winter
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Top 10 Tips for Nature-Based Homeschooling in the Winter

Until last year, I dreaded winter. Winter, to my gardening, barefoot self was a season of eternal inconveniences, discomfort, and grayness. After leaving Colorado, our winters spent in Hawaii went largely unnoticed, other than better waves and whale-watching. I didn’t skip a beat in our daily excursions, so our nature-based homeschool rhythm had a chance to really take root. When we came back, our first winters were an exercise in patience–and I didn’t enjoy them very much at all. I did, however, notice what a big dent that season left in our outdoor lifestyle. And I knew something had to change–specifically, my mindset about winter.

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how to make a simple winter playscape
Sensory Activities

How to Make a Simple Winter Playscape

My youngest daughter is every bit the hands-on learner. She loves to dive into things, and explore and manipulate her environment with her body. She possesses a tenacious need to “do for herself,” rather than have things done for her (even if she has not been shown how yet.) And rare is the lesson when she is not dancing, bouncing, climbing, rolling, or balancing with one knee on her seat, the other leg flagged out beside her in counter-weight fashion.

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