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second grade curriculum choices
Blossom and Root Second Grade, Homeschool Planning

Our Homeschool Second Grade Curriculum Choices 2019 – 2020

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I usually share our curriculum choices in the fall, just after our school year has begun. But this time I thought I’d share them with you now, as I’m finalizing the vision I have for the year ahead. I usually make the majority of my curriculum decisions in the spring, then spend the summer gathering materials and designing the general structure of the homeschool year to come.

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relaxed homeschool planning

Planning Our Homeschool “From Behind”

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Homeschool planning used to stress me out so much. There is some quirk in my personality that makes it physically uncomfortable to cross things out, white-out over pen, and change something that’s been “officially recorded.” This did not combine well with the other half of my personality–the one that doesn’t like being told what to do and loves to dance the line between structure and freedom on a daily basis.

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homeschool planning weekly rhythm
Brave Writer Lifestyle, Homeschool Planning

How I Plan My Homeschool Part 4: Establishing Our Weekly Rhythm

Welcome to my favorite part of the homeschool planning process: establishing a weekly rhythm! The concept of using a “rhythm” over a rigid schedule was first introduced to me by Julie Bogart through the Brave Writer blog and podcast. What I love about her particular approach to rhythm is that it’s there when you need it, and can take a step to the side when you don’t. Continue Reading

minimalist homeschool planning
Homeschool Planning

How I Plan My Homeschool Part 2: “Do the Next Thing” Subjects

Welcome to part two of my homeschool planning series in which I attempt to write many words describing a painfully simple process. (If you missed Part 1: Big Picture Planning, click here to read it!) Once again, I want to throw it out there that this is not a post for people who need beautiful planners, loads of cute stickers, and marathon planning sessions drafting out the details of every week of the school year. No. This is a post for people who want to get the job done quickly and without stress, and who need a lot of flexibility in their homeschool year. Continue Reading

homeschool planning big picture
Blossom and Root Early Years, Blossom and Root First Grade, Planning

How I Plan My Homeschool Part 1: The Big Picture

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I keep getting asked to write a planning post. I get it–it’s the end of summer, it’s really exciting, and planning posts are all you see on Instagram right now. I’m not sure how to tell you this, but…my homeschool planning is super un-pretty. It’s incredibly anti-climatic. And it’s a far cry from Insta-worthy.

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Waldorf homeschool
Homeschool Planning

Our Eclectic Homeschool: Favorite Elements of Waldorf

In my last post, I described our relaxed, eclectic homeschool approach as a recipe–one that starts with a Charlotte Mason and Waldorf foundation, throws in a a generous helping of unit studies, sprinkles in some classical education, and occasionally gets ignored in favor of periodic unschooling. This recipe also changes often with seasons, interests, and with the phases in our lives. We are far from purists of any of these approaches, choosing rather to take what we love about each and combine them in a way that fits our homeschool rhythm perfectly. Continue Reading