Blossom and Root First Grade is Coming Soon!

Our new curriculum will be rolling out soon, starting with our hands-on, nature-based, integrated science and nature study curriculum in late spring 2018. The rest of the first grade curriculum will arrive in late summer 2018.

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Keep an eye out for the first installment of our new curriculum in late spring 2018: Wonders of the Earth and Sky! This playful, get-your-hands-dirty science curriculum is designed for the nature-based homeschooler with an adventurous streak!

  • Secular
  • Evolution-based
  • Hands-on
  • Focused on the experience of science
  • Incorporates living books, indoor and outdoor experiments, and notebooking
  • Includes a complete, coordinating nature study program
  • Affordable with minimal supplies and prep time needed!

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* Keep an eye out for the rest of the new Blossom and Root First Grade curriculum coming August 2018!

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